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Mirror Swarm is where the first Dyson Swarm around the sun is being planned.

These pages are at present a cocktail napkin doodle suggestion of how to do it. In particular, several numbers are best-guess place-holders not cast in stone and there are unknown unknowns. The site invites volunteers to take things forward here to initial feasibility.

This open source collaborative design is managed by Jowan, who watched a YouTube Dyson Sphere video by the amazing Kurzgesagt team at a time when Global Warming was making news.

Jowan reads the Spaceflight magazine of the British Interplanetary Society which inspired him to create this website. It started with half hour discussions of the practicalities, one step at a time, after each of which he and his dad wrote up his conclusions here. Jowan hopes more people will join in. After a spate of spambots in December 2020 new editors will need to write asking for an account first - you'll be very welcome but those spambots definitely aren't. We'll explore one of the capcha registration options later but I'm not keen to.


  1. If we ask questions here, we will discover answers.
  2. Finding out how will make it happen.

We have two portals, the Contents and the forum.

Thank you for looking.