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Why make a Mirror Swarm?

The short term goal is to help stop co2 burning.

That in turn provides sufficient time to achieve the primary goal: to enable Earth's biodiversity to colonize the solar system, the galaxy and eventually the universe, using the mirror swarm to power early phases of the expansion.


It is essential that off-earth development benefits life, not individuals, nations, habitats or ideologies. Ethical development is a core consideration of everything Mirrorswarm plans or achieves.


User:Jowan's development model for Mirror Swarm is inspired by the Stone Soup Group. The project strategy is discussed in the context of the Timeframe.


The planet Mercury provides the material resources and parking orbit for the construction. We have adopted limiting Constraints on this prototype swarm and estimated the Cost.


We have recognized that conventional mining is not an option, and that there is a limiting unsolved problem relating to the potential destruction of Mercury's ultra-low vacuum. The lack of atmosphere is an essential aspect of our selected refining and construction process.