Mirrorswarm User Guide

v1.0: Building a Dyson Swarm cheaper than anyone else, one atom at a time.

Company Description

Mirrorswarm is a carbon-negative energy generation company registered in England.

The company was founded in 2020 with the immediate goal of reversing the rise of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere and oceans. To be clear, that doesn't mean "slowing the rise" or "reversing the rate of rise" or "stopping the increase", it means bringing the parts-per-million figures back downwards by adding less carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and oceans than is being removed by existing natural processes.

That in turn provides sufficient time to achieve the company's primary goal: to enable Earth's biodiversity to colonize the solar system, the galaxy and eventually the universe, using an array of solar collectors orbiting the sun to power early phases of the expansion.

The core philosophy of the company is that off-earth development must benefit life, not individuals, nations, habitats or ideologies. Ethical development is the overriding consideration of everything Mirrorswarm plans or achieves.


Our energy generation model provides a swarm of kilometer-scale mirrors in a solar orbit crossing that of Mercury, each independently broadcasting to third-party catchment energy processors throughout the solar system. We aim to divert no more than a millionth of the sun's energy output, leaving plenty of space for competitors to develop their own products. We bake protection imperatives into our hardware so that no solar output is intercepted within ten degrees of the ecliptic. The same protocol ensures none of our power distribution can be directed at any planet, moon or asteroid but only along unpopulated collection vectors designated on the same principle as flight paths or shipping lanes.

During our first year we verified our capability to distribute power from our swarm by 2040. Everything necessary to reach that milestone uses known physics, verifiable mathematics and achievable financial fluidity.


So far we have made no analysis of the legal protection we will require or the jurisdictions we will be obliged to engage with, but we know this needs urgent exploration so we can factor an appropriate permanent legal team into our costs.

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